• Dennis Achton Nielsen
  • Lasse Christiansen
4. term, Nanotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
The main objective of this Master’s thesis has been to add an antifouling polymer film to a membrane filter surface.
Based on the criteria for resisting protein adsorption polyethylene glycol (PEG) was chosen as antifouling material. Based on polymer chemistry and the work of Khan et al. a surface initiated, anionic, ringopening polymerisation of glycidol was chosen as polymerisation procedure.
The polymer growth procedure was initially tested on SiO2 surfaces and was successfully transferred to sapphire substrates and ceramic membrane filter surfaces.
The anti-fouling properties were tested in dead-end protein filtration and simulated lake water filtration in a cross-flow setup. In both experimental series the addition of the PEG layer improved the antifouling properties of the treated filters compared to plain reference filters.
Publication date31 May 2012
ID: 63473774