The New Malt Factory

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Brage Mæhle Hult
  • Pelle Jin Woo Ziersen
  • Asger Skjødt Jacobsen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This Master thesis, developed at The Departments Architecture and Design
at Aalborg University, Denmark, is conducted in regards to the study guide of
MSc04 2017. As a finalizing project, the thesis aim create an integrated design
proposal for the transformation of the Malt factory in Ebeltoft, which will include
knowledge, skills and methodologies, acquired through the Master degree
at Aalborg university.

The transformation of the Malt factory, is based on the competition brief from
2016, and portraits relevant issues in the society of today. Depopulation, a serious
struggle for many smaller communities, course a downfall in local economy, social
communities and cultural heritage. Through the theories of the integrated design
process at Aalborg university, skills to analyse and react to complex problems are
at the core and therefore been central in this thesis, to argue the role of architecture
as a catalyst for life and cultural growth.

The Malt factory in Ebeltoft set the frame of these studies and propose relevant
challenges, in regards to shaping a new social community, through the transformation
of the existing structure. The final design, weight life as a central quality
and investigate how tectonic perception and architectural design of the new malt
factory, can enhance and redefine the identity of the Ebeltoft.
Publication date17 May 2017
Number of pages158
ID: 257762212