• Daniel Malicay Olsson
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
This project aimed to look at the differences in the reception of fanworks between Youtube and Archive of our own. By analyzing their individual parts and comparing them to one another through the lens of Participatory Culture, several differences in how the individual platforms cultivated Participatory Culture began to emerge as a result of their different focuses. Utilizing a mix of Platform analysis and comment analysis, a picture began to form. Showing that Archive of our own, due to their open and transparent platform, had commenters that were willing to teach new members and more than willing to review texts. In the end the difference came down to a matter of looking at Archive of Our own and reception of fanworks as an iterative process, commenters would review an author’s work, before they would rework and rewrite and take the advice that they had received with them, when creating the next chapter of their story. Youtube by contrast was more rigid. Since it isn’t possible to release a video in small manageable chunks like a fanfiction, videoes can only be judged when they are fully complete, which leaves little process for an iterative process.
Publication date26 Jan 2016
Number of pages75


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