Deconstructing the European Union's Securitization of Belarus

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Gustav Jensen
This paper is a single case study on the situation in Belarus after the 2020 election and subsequent protests. The paper uses securitization theory to analyze a resolution from the European Parliament from october 2021 on the situation, one year after the violent protests. The purpose of the analysis is to examine the framing of Belarus as a security issue, by looking at it as a security constellation consisting of a variety of pre-existing security issues. The paper does this by employing a content analysis, to analyse the resolution systematically to find securitization attempts. Securitization attempts are identified in the analysis by looking for a framing of a threat against a referent object and proposed measures to mitigate the threat. The paper finds that the European Parliament uses securitizations of threats against human rights, Russia, nuclear safety, and terrorism. It does so in order to increase the urgency and severity of Belarus as a security issue.
Publication date15 Oct 2022
Number of pages50
ID: 490773343