Decentralized Identity Management System for Self-Sovereign Identity

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Mihail Milkov
  • Angel Angelov
  • Markus Karenkewitsch Sørensen
In this project we investigate the problem of creating an identity management sys- tem that interacts with networks utilizing decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and decen- tralized public key infrastructure (DPKI). The identity system is called DIdMS (De- centralized Identity Management System) and is put into the context of user-service interaction. The aim was to develop a DIdMS concept that would server as a proof-of-concept and provide Self-sovereign identity to the individual. The DIdMS has been analyzed based on three major sce- narios and as a result requirements were derived. From these requirements a small prototype was designed, which showcased how a DIdMS can be used by users to pro- vide identities to service providers in ac- cordance with the Self-sovereign principles and relevant regulations.
SpecialisationService Development
Publication date6 Jun 2018
Number of pages138
ID: 280504130