• Maya Kristina Emmert Andersen Zepeda
  • Stefan Nicolaas Kop
The concept of a smart energy system (SES) is a theoretically valid approach to meet the goals regarding a renewable energy system in Denmark. Within this, it is clear that electric vehicles (EVs) can become an important asset. The focus in this report is on the role that plug-in EVs can have in a Danish SES, by enabling smart charging strategies.
Through an Excel model analysis, two smart charging strategies are analysed; one focusing on low Elspot prices, the other on the integration of wind power, both allowing for participation in the balancing of the market. It is concluded for both that significant annual savings can be gained and the wind share of the electricity used by the EVs can be increased compared to dumb charging. The model shows that the vehicles are able to provide balancing services in the electricity grid.
Through a stakeholder analysis, it is concluded that an aggregator is expected to pool EVs together, optimally utilising their flexibility. Utility companies and DSOs could provide dynamic electricity and distribution tariffs. Governmental institutions need to work on regulations to support EVs and to improve standardisation. In general, collaboration is required between all of the analysed stakeholders.
The results from a survey amongst 105 Danish EV owners show that they are positive towards the smart use of their vehicle, where creating a green profile is the main motivation. The owners seem more hesitant towards the involvement of an aggregator; their main concerns are meeting the driving demands, as well as the effect on the battery lifetime.
This project shows that there is a significant role for EVs in a SES, given that the right conditions are created. This way, savings for the EV owners can be acquired, the wind share used to charge the EVs can be increased and balancing services can be provided in the electricity system.
SpecialisationSustainable Energy Planning and Management
Publication date3 Jun 2015
Number of pages180
ID: 213513902