• Louise Møller Andersen
4. term, Experience Design, Master (Master Programme)
This Master Thesis in Experience Design deals with nature and more specifically nature experiences. The purpose is to examine how the varied nature of The Panoramic Route, a beautiful hiking trail at Mariager Fjord in Denmark, can be disseminated digitally. Furthermore, focus is on which context, dissemination media and possible consumer is relevant for the concept. Destination Himmerland, a tourism organization of Vesthimmerland and Mariager Fjord, is the case partner of the thesis.
In addition to this, research about nature and nature experiences in connection with technology constitutes a fundamental base of knowledge of the thesis. Furthermore, empirical research in the form of field work and observation of especially The Panoramic Route constitutes an essential part of the thesis. The empirical research is in combination with Theory on Pervasive Games, Visual Interface Design, Gamification and Theory on smart technologies and different perspectives of the nature experience relevant for developing the concept. By using results from the empirical research and definitions and terms from the theories, it was possible to make a design solution.
In the phase of the concept development, Brainstorming was used as a method to explore different concept ideas and dating for couples in a nature context was selected as the best solution. The mobile application platform was the most optimal dissemination solution for the context. Therefore, a low-fidelity application prototype was made in a prototyping program called Axure with Theory from Pervasive Games, Visual Interface Design, Gamification and Theory on smart technologies and different perspectives of the nature experience in mind. Afterwards, the prototype was tested using the Think-Aloud method. The evaluation of the test subjects constitutes the design solution and possible re-design of the application. The concept and results from the tests are discussed and evaluated, and future work and development of the concept is considered. The thesis is compiled in an iterative design process, and Scientific Theory regarding Hermeneutics and Theory of Design Science indicates the workflow of the thesis.
Conclusions were that the concrete Interface Design and content of the application need some adjustments, however, the test subjects did appreciate the overall concept. Also, the thesis concludes that it is relevant to continue working with digital nature experiences and dating in a nature context. The thesis contribution includes a new and refreshing approach to working with nature experiences in combination with modern smart technology.
Publication date3 Mar 2022
Number of pages101
External collaboratorDestination Himmerland
Digitaliseringsansvarlig Martin Buch Stengaard martin@destinationhimmerland.dk
ID: 464378235