• Simon Schraml
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
With the development of increasingly sophisticated models, dynamic simulation is continuing to gain popularity in design and improvement of wastewater treatment plants. However, this raises the demand for dynamic input data of sufficient quality, which is usually not available. Within this work a refinement model is developed based on the specific data situation given in the research project ICAWER. The model aims to resolve certain problems that are identified in available data within a detailed analysis. It facilitates the ad hoc refinement of plant data including induction of relevant dynamic phenomena in an adjustable manner for creating datasets at an hourly resolution. Demonstration of the individually developed algorithms in an exemplary case illustrates the changes induced in the data and produces realistically appearing time series. The application of the model is seen to enable a significant improvement in the realism of dynamic simulation results compared to the original data.
SpecialisationThermal Energy and Process Engineering
Publication date1 Jun 2018
Number of pages69
External collaboratorPeter Aichinger
Peter Aichinger
ID: 280055962