• Thomas Hauberg Pedersen
  • Mads Larsen
  • Dusana Gunasegaram
  • Martin Jensen
4. semester, Information Technology, Master (Master Programme)
This masters thesis seeks to identify and analyse data governance challenges in the context of local Danish government. The empirical groundwork is based on the case of the Danish municipality Viborg Kommune. The municipality is the 10th largest in Denmark, and is structured around five major social and technical executive departments, with three crossorganisational departments. This paper applies a qualitative interview-based research design, to identify data governance challenges in four of the five executive departments of Viborg Kommune. The data is then analysed based on a theoretical point of view consisting of relevant articles from data governance literature. The findings reveal several challenges relating to: The use of data, the strategic elements of data governance, management of data governance initiatives, and implementation and use of IT-systems. Following the identification of challenges, four suggestions for improving the data governance practice in Viborg Kommune are presented. The thesis concludes by discussing the papers contribution to both data governance practices, and the academic field of data governance research.
Publication date2023
External collaboratorViborg Kommune
Digitaliseringskonsulent Tilde Ølholm tioe@viborg.dk
ID: 532272659