Danmark i verdens øjne

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Julie Randrup Madsen
  • Marianne Jensen
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
Denmark has recently experienced a media storm, due to new legislation on the basis of refugee law and immigration, as a consequence to the increased immigration to Europe. The following research question is based on our interests due to the increased migrant crisis: How does Denmark's policy in a European crisis abroad notion and manufacture of Denmark in a discursive perspective and with an eye for a mediated influence?

Our research question is furthermore developed from the following hypothesis: The Danish policy in relation to the refugee crisis has consequences for the Danish brand.

The data material is selected based on the initial wonder, where we featured some quotes in our introduction. We therefore chose these articles as our data material, as it initially was here our amazement arose. In addition to the quotes we dragged out, we have chosen a caricature, which articulates the very discourses in the field.

Our epistemological standpoint roots in the phenomenology as the assay for the thesis. Subsequently, we have involved the social constructionist thoughts in connection with the critical discourse analysis of Fairclough. In conjunction these guide the analysis and the understanding of the social constructions of the world. Although the critical discourse analysis is a methodical whole, which can be used as an control to the entire project. We base the analysis partial on hermeneutics, and therefore understands the whole from and full understanding that the analysis draws on.

We have through the analysis identified unequal power relations in the material, between the majority and the minority in the Danish society. Additionally the articles also creates unequal power relations through language between the journalists and Denmark as a nation.

In regard to our research question and the hypothesis, the thesis debates whether or not a Nation Brand can be damaged. Furthermore we touch upon the notion that a Super Brand can handle more than an equivalent Product Brand. The overall conclusion for the master thesis is that state politics has a great importance for the Nation Brand.
Publication date31 May 2016
Number of pages127
ID: 234501425