• Sergio David Hernandez Pascual
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
Autism Spectrum Disorder is a life-long neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by deficits in communication, social interaction and repetitive sensory-motor behaviours which affects one in every hundred people in Europe (Lord et al. 2018; Foundation UEFA pour l’enfance, FIRAH, and Garnier 2017; Barthélémy et al. 2019; Autism Europe 2020).
Although there is no cure for Autism, studies suggest that early support intervention, behaviour therapies and family support can lead to the development of skills in communication and social interaction among individuals on the Spectrum, extending the possibility of a better quality of life (Barthélémy et al. 2019).
As visual perception is one of the most preserved sensory systems among the ASD population; this thesis explores the use of artificial lighting as a tool for the development of joint attention, communication and social interaction abilities among children on the Spectrum.
This project argues that light is the most apparent visual stimuli for humans and, by challenging the use of artificial lighting beyond its primary function (to provide visibility), proposes the design of DALIA; a dynamic artificial lighting tool. Which, by using it during support interventions on learning environments can promote joint attention, communication and social interaction skills among toddlers on the Spectrum.
DALIA arise as a possible answer to the principal hypothesis of this project: Can artificial lighting be used as a tool for the development of communication and social interaction abilities among toddlers on Autism Spectrum Disorder?.
Literature review, empirical evidence and involvement of professionals on ASD during the research and design development stages of the project reveals that there is an opportunity to use artificial lighting as an educational tool of people on ASD.
As there is a lack of evidence-based research regarding the connection of light and Autism; this thesis proposes a protocol for testing DALIA and, finalises addressing prospects of future work which can reveal more data about the relationship of light and individuals on the Spectrum.
Publication date11 Jun 2020
Number of pages92
ID: 334020001