• Martin Brennodden Rosenlund
4. term, Nanotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
This Master project focuses on the cytotoxicity of polyvinylpyrrolidone-based polymer micelles as a drug delivery system. Among the many focuses of preparation for a drug delivery system is checking each possibility of requirements, among these are cytotoxicity. It has previously been reported to be non-toxic. However, a previous master project found that the polymer micelles formed via a sonification method was toxic. This was investigated further in this thesis, where sonification method and co-solvent evaporation method was used to create micelles from 1 kDa,3 kDa, 6 kDa and 12 kDa PVP-OD at 10xCMC. The co-solvent evaporation method showed a significant portion of smaller aggregates 10-100 nm for 12 kDa, in comparison to the other method and polymer sizes. Cytotoxic assay was performed on fibroblast (CRL 2429) and glioblastoma (U87) and it was found that the sonification method for 6 kDa micelles was toxic at concentrations above 0.08 mg/ml regardless if it was loaded or empty. For 12 kDa, the toxicity was at 0.1 mg/ml for loaded micelles and 0.08 mg/ml for empty micelles on fibroblast cells, while for glioblastoma cells they were only toxic with loaded micelles at the concentration of 0.1 mg/ml. It was also shown that the cytotoxic assay kit used in this thesis is sub-optimal for these polymeric micelles.
Publication date22 Oct 2019
Number of pages117
ID: 312811149