• Marie Richterová
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
This research paper deals with a customer service perceptions´ from two perspectives: local and tourist. In addition, full – service casual dining restaurant that focus Czech cuisine are selected. The research method – qualitative content analysis of the online reviews of the consumers are studied in order to find common pattern that would characterize these two consumer groups.
Due to the fact, that customers are becoming more sophisticated, it results in different behavioral patterns and expectations. One of the possible solutions could be the improvement of service quality in order to gain a competitive edge. At the same time evolution of the Internet and rich data that are available 24 hours gives an opportunity of analyzing what costumers find relevant when dining out.
Consequently, based on the studied issue in relation to the problems and trends, the author created following problem formulation:
How is the customer service perceived in the Czech Republic (Prague) by Locals and Tourists in restaurants?
The researcher starts with collection of secondary data, which have already been used for other purposes (including published text, internet articles, or academic articles) with the closer look on particular framework of research topic (Dining Experience, Service Quality, Service Quality Dimensions, Customer service, Employee Service Behavior etc.). As a primary data the researcher uses online reviews. Subsequently, the researcher discusses and compares the theories with the obtained data.
Through the findings of the qualitative content analysis and presented theory framework, the researcher creates the outline for the customer service category which is crucial for coding process upon the text of the review is extracted. The analysis has two stages. First, sentiment analysis reveals whether the customer service is perceived rather positively or negatively. Subsequently, theme analysis discovers what customer service category is important for both Locals and Tourists.
The main aim of the researcher of this research paper is to provide a new insight of two distinct consumer groups of restaurants in relation to the customer service. Additionally, with new knowledge and the possibility of online review websites, the tourism research will be hopefully enriched and there is a wide range of themes, segments for future research.
Publication date2016
Number of pages71
ID: 237844975