• Denislav Petkov Hadzhiminev
The purpose of this paper is to extend the knowledge of the Corporate social responsibility topic. It was noticed that the interest regarding the topic is receiving more and more attention from the scholars, therefore, the initial search gave foundations of the current trends within the matter. Stakeholders and their engagement towards CSR initiatives are the components to which this study is dedicated. Based on this, a measurement model for consumers` perception on CSR was adopted and applied to multinational company case (Unilever). Another noticeable trend was the interest towards the social media and the suggestions for studies which are related to the CSR topic and conducted through social media platforms. The data for the analysis was collected from LinkedIn and the single case study specifications allowed to understand in details Unilever`s CSR initiatives during a specific timeframe. To give an aim to the study, the author developed and answer the following research question: “What is the ranking of the CPCSR model domains in the Unilever`s CSR posts on LinkedIn?”. In the analysis of the study, special patterns were created in order to interpret the extracted data sample. What is more, the analysis of the data provided a suggestion for future research which might be able to contribute to the CSR topic.
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, CSR, Consumers` perception measurement model, CPCSR, customer engagement, Unilever, LinkedIn
Publication date5 Jun 2018
Number of pages53
ID: 280422347