• Mathias Huse Jensen
  • Pelle Ulmer Jørgensen
  • Jakob Nymann Holgersen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis concerns customer and end-user participation in agile software development. It is based on observed similarities and differences between development and evaluation in research and in practice. To enable this investigation, we conducted two studies into including the end-user in a research setting and a study on how customer and end-user participation is done in practices. This is described in three distinct academic papers. The first paper presents a case study where Scrum was combined with a participatory design method. The second paper investigates two different remote asynchronous usability testing methods, these being the use of diary and continuous updates in addition to UCI reports. The third paper investigates Danish software companies regarding the practical application of customer and end-user participation in modern development methods. This master thesis shows that an end-user takes on different roles during development and evaluation. These being consultative, informative and participative in development against consultative and participative in evaluation. The preferred techniques used by the companies included: Interviews, Demonstrations, User stories and Qualitative usability testing. While obstacles included: Lack of time, Geographical challenges and Lack of staff. In relation to techniques used and obstacles experienced in the research setting, these where similar to those identified in practice.
Publication date7 Jun 2019
Number of pages79
ID: 305176577