Cumu: Customizable Music Stand

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Matilde Eilersen
  • Jeppe Borchers Jensen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
This project seeks to innovate the way classical musicians bring their music
stands and accessories, that until now, have been clipped onto various unrelated
music stands.
The design is based on pinpointed problematic consequences commonly seen
in the current solutions, including unmanageable folding mechanisms, crude
fastening methods, and general lack of coherence between music stand and
instrument specific needs.
The project investigates the seeming disconnection between ultra compact
designs, and the user scenario aspired. The very compact music stands have a
valid place in the market, however a common practice in the market is to simply
scale the very same structure in order to make a more stable stand.
The project focuses on identifying the needs of various musicians and creating
a music stand that can be customized to these user’s needs, without having to
attach additional products that look alien to the music stand.
Cumu is bought as a standalone product, with the possibility of buying modules
specially designed for specific user scenarios. The music stand takes form as a
complete music station e.g. the trumpeter that needs somewhere to hang a
mute for quick mute changes, or for the flute player that needs somewhere to
place a secondary flute.
The product seeks to look at a range of classical musicians in a holistic light,
creating a platform for neat customizability.
Publication date2017
ID: 257761192