• Denisa Formackova
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
The goal of this project is to investigate collision-prevention methods that can be used in immersive multiplayer room-scale (IMRS) virtual reality experiences. Previous studies did not deal with the cases where players cannot see each other in a virtual environment (VE) as it is in an IMRS arena. This is problematic, because potential crashes can lead to injuries, damaged hardware and break-in-presence. This project therefore tests a number of collision prevention techniques in a simulation of DIVR arena in Hamleys and also on a similar detoured version. Lastly, a new concept called HUB was tested. The results show that there is not a significant difference between the original and the detour arena but both perform safer when the suggested prevention mechanisms are active. HUB performed the best in terms of time efficiency and with zero collisions. Further work on the HUB concept is suggested to counter its downsides.
Publication dateMay 2019
External collaboratorDIVR Labs
Ondrej Bach ondrej.bach@divrlabs.com
ID: 304423948