• Martin Lorenc
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
If one were to characterize a social responsible company, a comparison with bees is perhaps helpful. Bees produce honey, which is subsequently sold, while at the same time flowers are pollinated by which yet another beneficial activity takes place. And that is precisely the case, according to which it is possible to roughly imagine how a responsible company should function. Companies make countless decisions within the framework of their work on the market, and each of these decisions should ideally be in line with the focus on ethics towards the three pillars, namely the economic, environmental and social pillars.
This thesis deals with the relationship between activities operated under the umbrella of CSR policies of the given region under the Hilton hotel chain. The aim is thus to discover what activity best reflects the climate of the given region, in this case the Czech Republic. All data regarding the perception of CSR was gathered at the Hotel Hilton Prague, where the author of this thesis had the opportunity to work and at the same time participate in CSR activities and their development. The actual doubts of the author arose when participating in activities which he had the opportunity to have a direct effect on, since he was working in the HR department which is in charge of this policy. Since the selection of activities was simply random, without any foundation, doubts arose as to whether this model is the right one and whether its basis is a genuine one.
The collected data will be further explored in relation to the Pestle analysis and interviews with the aim of getting to know and understand the needs of the given country better, while the results themselves show a certain imbalance between the activities carried on today, and therefore support the hypothesis that the selected activity would have to be more accommodating to the region with regard to disparities in which the hotel operates.
For this reason, the research results are indicative of the crucial importance for hotels of having CSR activities adapted to the environment in which they operate not only randomly, and the fact it is essential to make decisions that are based on further investigation.
Publication date30 Sept 2016
Number of pages54
ID: 241216683