10. term, Master in Environmental Management (Master Programme)
This report is a result of an exploratory look at Nordea Bank. It aims to find out why the bank does not involve the public sector in its CSR agenda, how the Bank can improve its relationship with the public sector and get positive gains in the process. Materials used in this research were obtained from interviews with the CSR Compliance Manager of the bank. Additional information was also obtained from literature study of CSR, and from the company’s information archives. For the analysis of the case company, the concept of CSR and stakeholder theory was used, with a particular perspective stakeholder identification and salience interwoven into the three aspects of stakeholder theory. Finally, the analysis was used to proffer recommendations. Which if used would help in the process of improving the company’s relationship with the public sector through the use of Corporate Social Responsibility
Publication date2008
Number of pages80
Publishing institutionaalborg university
ID: 16385576