• Saioa Buruchaga Laza
  • Elena Charlotte Malz
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
High voltage dc (HVDC) transmission systems are an attractive solution for connecting Offshore Wind Farms. Technology based on voltage source converters (VSCs) is the most widely accepted configuration for these applications. The introduction of the modular multi-level converter (MMC) concept adds a new level of controllability but also complexity. Recent studies have reported that a VSC could negatively interact with the system resulting in a reduced electrical damping. An input admittance matrix approach is applied to study possibility of Controller Interaction between the wind farm components. The impact of basic controller parameter design on the passivity of the subsystems is analysed. Also the net-damping criterion is applied to conclude about the total system stability.
SpecialisationElectric Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Publication date3 Jun 2015
External collaboratorChalmers University of Technology
Massimo Bongiorno massimo.bongiorno@chalmers.se
ID: 213543005