Context is all: Exploring Digital Representation of Ambience

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Anders Christensen
  • Søren Hugger Møller
4. term (INF10 - Master Thesis), Informatics, Master (Master Programme)
The focus of this thesis is on how ambience (or atmosphere) of venues can be digitally represented through the help of mobile technology and situated displays. In doing so we explore mediated context-awareness, where context is the content, and let mobile technology and situated displays provide resources for people to create and maintain impressions of ambience through their own interpretation of contextual information. Exploring this approach we develop a system prototype that lets users experience a digital representation of the ambience at venues by mobile phones and a situated display. The system utilises a novel approach by letting people be the providers of contextual information about the ambience through use of a tablet computer interface. We conducted a case study where the system was evaluated in-situ at a venue. Our main finding is that although ambience is socially constructed and highly subjective, it can be digitally conveyed by representing ambience as a set of distinct parameters that together encapsulates the ambience. Additionally we have found that humans can be providers of contextual information and that such an approach allows for a digital ambience to be represented.
Publication date2011
Number of pages124
ID: 52798430