• Gokul Rajkumar
This thesis addresses the arising questions of the practices between Denmark and India’s construction industry. The two countries cannot be easily compared since their political and historical background are different from each other. Denmark is considered a strong initiator when it comes to complying with new technologies, being an institutionalized country, defined by its development strategies. India, on the other hand, has always been oppressed by outdated methods, despite the drastic development in the education system. India can be characterized by the lack of technology and advancement in the construction industry sector, where the development strategies are missing.
Further on in the thesis, will be discussed how the technology can have an impact on the Indian construction industry and what can be learned by studying the Danish construction management techniques and how can it be used for the improvement of Indian construction management.
SpecialisationGlobal Management
Publication date3 Sept 2019
Number of pages61
ID: 310250474