• Juliane Gliesch
4. term, Persuasive Design, Master (Master Programme)
The apparel industry is known to be an exploratory industry, both regarding working quality of the factory workers but also regarding the environment. There is a need for a change and a different behavior for the well-being of workers and sustainability of the environment. Even though persuasive design provides tools for a change, campaigns and organizations disseminate information for awareness, and designers are investing in eco and fair elements for design, the consumer still purchases unethically and irresponsibly. This thesis provides a deeper study on the individuals', groups', and society needs which are supplied by fashion. A deeper understanding of these elements together with Millers' 3 elements of persuasion, can provide a successful attempt to create, sustain and change behavior of fashion consumerism.
Publication date31 May 2016
ID: 234446407