Connective Meetings in the Station

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Signe Annika Haulrich
4. term, Urban Design (, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis has its point of departure in the network city and its physical structures of infrastructural connections. In order to meet the needs of modern society where urbanization is intensifying, infrastructure appears as the backbone onto which the cities develop. As such growing prominence, the infrastructures enclose, it should not be considered as a large object in isolation from its surroundings. Urban design strategies can evolve the development of infrastructural networks in relation to the landscape and social rationalities, giving the public realm a new terrain of investigations. Nodes, interchanges and relations become important necessities to both transportation and to public life. Through a study of a new station in Brabrand, East Jutland of Denmark, the thesis focuses on how the station can be used as a planning tool to contribute to reforming the car-inclined infrastructure of the suburb and enhance the quality of public life, thereby bringing the suburb a pedestrian-friendly environment and cultural and social value. The project deals with the transformation of a specific site in Brabrand, where the infrastructure have become critical barriers, dividing the city. The thesis addresses the different mobilities and barriers together with the future development of the suburb due to the coming light rail and the need of social life along with it. Thus, the thesis explores the connective effect of the station and how this connectivity can enhance the social relations in the transit space, where the phrase ‘bridging the gap’ is used. From the study of Brabrand the thesis aims to create a concept of using the contribution of the station as a planning tool to have the infrastructure adapt multiple uses to a specific local context, both on spatial and socio-cultural terms. Combining analyses with design parameters this project uses a theoretical background with case studies to conceptualize the connective meetings in the station.
Publication date24 May 2016
Number of pages138
ID: 234006984