• Francisco Pliego Ruiz
Concentrating Solar Power is a renewable energy technology with interesting prospects in countries with high levels of solar radiation in a context where conventional fossil fuel electricity generation has to be replaced by carbon neutral technologies to fight against climate change. Peru is one of those countries receiving a large annual radiation, however the electricity sector is dominated by natural gas and hydropower. Therefore, the introduction of the technology is evaluated, establishing the following research question: "Is Concentrated Solar Power with thermal storage a techno-economically feasible option for Peru?" To answer the question, a comprehensive study of the potential of technology in Peru has been carried out, including a geographic analysis with GIS software to identify the most favourable locations; and economic optimization of a 50 MW solar tower molten salt CSP plant. The results suggest a promising future for the technology in the country with a competitive LCOE compared with the dominating solutions. The report aims to establish a point of departure to attract greater attention to CSP technology from institutions and companies in Peru.
SpecialisationSustainable Energy Planning and Management
Publication date24 Jan 2019
Number of pages90
ID: 294248593