• Daniel Refer
  • Flemming Højbjerre Sørensen
4. term, Structural and Civil Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Optimisation of structures to reduce costs and environmental impacts are important issues in the building sector. In order to meet these the computer program Opti_String is developed for optimising reinforced concrete walls using the stringer method based on the plasticity theory. The program is formulated by a finite element concept. The Eurocode is implemented in Opti_String to ensure practical design demands.
A lower bound method is compared with an upper bound method. The comparison shows that an exact translation for the stringer system exists.
Opti_String is capable of optimising an ar- bitrary geometry and the optimisation is based on the lower bound method. Opti_String calculates the ultimate load bearing capacity or design parameters for a given load along with the stress parameters.
By use of a complex structure the influence of practical design restrictions and several load cases are illustrated. Different weighting parame- ters are applied to force another stress distribution in order to decrease the utilisation of selected stringers.
Publication date12 Jun 2012
Number of pages77
ID: 63737547