• Camilla Horne Larsen
  • Niklas Ammitzbøll Rasmussen
  • David Skødt Lauritsen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Visually impaired gamers are a small minor- ity of gamers that are easily ignored from both a marketing and developer perspective. This report focuses on identifying naviga- tional aids suited for navigating an audio- exclusive 3D virtual environment.
By looking a pre-existing audio games for inspiration, we developed three navigational aids that we named: Cans, Dog and Map. Cans and Dog were considered spatial audio navigation aids and Map was considered to be a verbal navigational aid. To test the naviga- tional aids against each other, we performed a within-subjects experiment with 36 partic- ipants. Findings indicated a general prefer- ence towards Cans as a navigational aid. Due to video games being an artistic medium, Dog or Map have their uses as well, depending on priorities and specifications for the project.
Publication date27 May 2015
Number of pages85
ID: 213025809