• Anders Manøe Jepsen
In this comparative study, we evaluated the impact of two
text-based onboarding methods - contextual tooltips and
traditional tutorial screens - on usability and system satisfac-
tion within a virtual reality (VR) interactive showcasing. The
methods were tested on an interactive showcase prototype
for an industrial robotics product, ACOPOS 6D. The study re-
vealed that the contextual tooltip method yielded higher sys-
tem satisfaction as participants felt less rushed and frustrated
and demonstrated improved task performance. However, the
two methods had no significant difference in perceived us-
ability, learnability, or task completion time. These findings
contribute to the ongoing discussion about the best practices
for onboarding methods in VR interactive showcases. Fur-
ther research is needed to improve onboarding intuitiveness
and adaptability to the system’s complexity.
Publication date9 Jun 2023
Number of pages22
ID: 533898067