Combating human trafficking

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Camilla Plesner
Human trafficking is an important international issue it is one of the most heinous and lucrative offences of our time. States and international community view trafficking in human beings as one of the most serious and acute problems of our time (Jansson 2015, 1). It is estimated that Haiti is the location of the world’s third largest human trafficking industry (digital media 2013). This thesis aims to explore the causes of human trafficking of children from Haiti. It looks at the push and pull factors (structural factors) for this kind of exploitative migration, as well as the initiatives taken to prevent the criminal human trafficking from Haiti.
The first objective of the thesis is to examine the conditions of human trafficking in Haiti. The second objective is to examine the impact of structural factors and initiatives to prevent human trafficking and the conditions for human trafficking in Haiti. The thesis shows that the conditions exist for human trafficking of children from Haiti, and these conditions consist both for national and international trafficking, but it also shows that the anti-trafficking initiatives have had an impact on the conditions of human trafficking.
Haiti has made progress in combating human trafficking, especially of children. Haiti’s progress consists of Law enforcement, border controls on the border from Haiti to the Dominican Republic, care centers where children can be children and be safe and get off the street where children are very vulnerable for recruitment into gangs or are at risk of human trafficking where they will be exploited, education systems where it should be possible for all children to attend and be safe, and projects to make it possible for families to obtain an income, which might relieve them from extreme poverty. Even with the current progress Haiti still faces huge amounts of problems where combating human trafficking further is one of them. As long better living opportunities exist in other places of the nation or in the Dominican Republic or other places in the world, human trafficking will still exist in Haiti. Moreover, human trafficking will exist as long as it is profitable to exploit another person.
SpecialisationLatin American Studies
Publication date1 Sept 2015
Number of pages40
External collaboratorUNICEF Danmarl
Julie Troldborg
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