• Elyse Nightingale Meaker
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
Existing tourism innovation literature tends to describe innovation in tourism as defective and unsystematic. Despite this, I still found innovation to be taking place, specifically in collaborative networks. However, I also determined that these networks exhibited a high tendency towards exploitation, and while they are proficient at this, and are achieving good results, I believe that if the networks do not introduce some level of exploration into their processes, they run the risk of losing their competitiveness. I believe Creative Genius can provide a stage of exploration in a way that is unobtrusive to the networks’ existing processes. I therefore, in this thesis aim to answer the research question: How can Creative Genius methods be incorporated into the tourism context in order to assist networks in nature interpretation and outdoor experiences to become more creative and explorative, thereby maintaining their competitiveness? A series of five interviews were analysed with the intention of identifying characteristics, barriers and facilitators, as well as the nature of the apparent collaboration networks. A potentiality analysis was conducted to discover how Creative Genius methods could be incorporated, and a resulting analytical framework was proposed. This framework illustrates how innovation currently occurs in nature and outdoor tourism networks on Bornholm, and how the stages of the Creative Platform already line up with, and would seamlessly fit in with the networks’ current innovative processes. Intercepting the networks’ current processes at, and prior to the idea stage, would enable actors of the networks to participate in a Creative Platform in order to take in more diverse knowledge from the sources outside of the networks, and outside the actors’ knowledge spheres. This would naturally inject a stage of exploration into the networks currently exploitation heavy process. In turn, this will result in more new, original and creative ideas, and solutions for new products and challenges, thus ensuring the destination's competitiveness.
Publication date2018
Number of pages64
ID: 286832120