CogniShift: Smartphone Application for Public Speaking Anxiety

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Katrine Elefsen
  • Anila Khaliq
Mental health has received increased attention over the past decade, while barriers prevent many from seeking treatment. One of the most common anxiety disorders is Public speaking anxiety (PSA), which can have career and educational consequences, as well as personal. The most common treatment for PSA, which has proven effective, is Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Although CBT has proven effective, barriers like stigma are preventing individuals from seeking treatment. We conducted a study to complement therapy sessions with a smartphone application. The study included a review with a psychologist and interviews with users, aiming to explore the feasibility of utilizing a Digitized Thought record, with automated feedback, in reducing the barriers in seeking treatment while not neglecting the quality of the therapy. Our study provided various findings, including the importance of including mental health professional assistance, the need for limited customization, and a distinction of events, depending on who might be involved in them. Our contributions might serve as a foundation in future research on the topic.
Publication date11 Jun 2021
Number of pages13
External collaboratorTom Steen Jensen
Tom Steen Jensen
Information group
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