• Christoffer Alexander Legarth
A current trend in the Danish AEC industry, has resulted in multiple mergers between large engineering and architectural companies. This thesis studies the distributed technologies, threw the lens of activity theory. The study especially focuses on VPL-technology (Visual Programming Language), and investigates how these VPL (visual scripts) are created and distributed, under conditions of new rule sets and cultures, born from the merged companies' interactions. VPL offers a wide range of possibilities, and especially scripts, that can automate repeatable processes, are considered of high value. The complexity of the technology however, limits the use of the technology among the average employees, which require the visual-scripts to be simplified. This upgrade requires highly skilled employees and a lot of resource, which can not be facilitated within the normal boundaries of the company's project teams. As result, the setup around the technology, and the structure of the organization block the development and distribution of VPL-technologies and visual-scripts.
Publication date8 Jan 2021
Number of pages98
External collaboratorCOWI A/S
Jacobus A. M. Jaap Aanhaanen
Arkitema Architects
Marianne Friis


ID: 399333529