• Anda Bordieanu
4. term, Information Science, Master (Master Programme)
There is a wide consensus that climate change represents the challenge of the modern world. Its effects are becoming more and more visible and efforts for mitigating and adapting to these changes are of high priority. Public awareness is an important factor when considering mitigation policies and one platform that people use to inform themselves about climate change is Wikipedia. The largest online multilingual encyclopedia reached a permanent spot in the public eye, who use it to attain knowledge. Therefore, this study investigates the climate change coverage in the English and Nordic Wikipedia by conducting semi-structured interviews with Wikipedia’s editors and collecting data via Wikipedia’s API. The results presented showcased that there are information asymmetries between English and Nordic Wikipedia, where substantial discrepancies in the content can be noticed. The English Wikipedia is more thoroughly maintained compared to the Nordic editions, with addition of higher quality content in regards to the topic of climate change.
Publication date3 Jun 2022
Number of pages57
ID: 472059709