Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Jeppe Nordentoft Lyngsaa Henriksen
  • Jawad Gul Dar
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
In more recent times the topic of climate change had paved the way for climate adaptation in the planning stage, seeking to address the consequences of humanity’s impact on the global climate and protect the livelihood of society.

This master’s degree final project takes a jumping point from the topic of climate adaptation and international effort of the European Union’s Adaptation Strategy and Floods Directive and takes it to a Danish municipality level. There have been evaluations carried out by both the European Union and Concito, painting a lacking performance on Denmark in implementing climate adaptation in its municipalities.

The project seeks to approach this problem by investigating 3 municipality cases from a governance and implementation theoretical viewpoint. By using this approach, this project seeks to investigate possible causes for why the implementation of climate adaptation in Danish municipalities has performed this way, by first analysing what has been done so far, followed by what the barriers and challenges are.

The empirical evidence from the analysis will proceed to provide a basis for the discussion, in which the topic of how the implementation process can be strengthened using the theoretical framework will be discussed. This project will conclude with a list of findings of empirical evidence, and a list of recommendations that can strengthen the implementation and continued work of climate adaptation.
Publication date9 Oct 2020
Number of pages111
ID: 378908384