• Adina-Valentina Voinescu
This project is aimed to investigate and explore the concept and applications of circular economy, specifically within the demolition of existing buildings, including the relation between this and the building products manufacturing at European level. The emphasis is on understanding the shortcomings when considering the way waste prediction and management is handled as well as the possibilities for improvements in the pre-demolition phase. Currently, there is a big focus on how BIM methods and technology can support the circularity aspect in the future, for instance, within the manufacturing and construction of new buildings, as well as their future demolition/deconstruction, but not the same level of focus is directed towards existing buildings and the waste generated by the demolition of these.
Looking into this aspect, this study aims to bring the loop closer by proposing a standardized framework for pre-demolition audits along with the structuring of data resulted for increasing the promotion and incentive for material reuse and recycling resulted from demolition of existing buildings.
Publication date1 Apr 2021
Number of pages72
ID: 408335466