• Richard Mensah
  • Richard Mensah
This thesis tries to explore the impact of Chinese trading and investments towards the attainment of sustainable development in Ghana. Also, the study intended to examine the interest for the two countries going in this trading and investment relationship and whether the cooperation is a “win-win” or “zero-sum” game. To some extent, there was the implantation of the Chinese infrastructural development in the analysis even though that was not the idea of the study.
In order to carry out this study effectively, relevant literatures were reviewed with qualitative and quantitative research strategies were used. Also, the literature review on sustainable development in addition to the World System and the Dependency theories were employed in the analysis to find the right answers to the research questions.
As the study was carried on, it became clear that in the area of trade (Exports) some negative impacts that did not contribute to sustainable development in Ghana. Some of which are the trade deficit, employing more Chinese people in most of their operations in the field of investment and infrastructural development and
one more last thing competing with some of the local companies for the market.
Notwithstanding this, the Chinese business provided cheap manufactured goods for the local consumers benefits, provided an employment for some of the local citizens in their specific fields of operations. They have also constructed a lot of infrastructural development as well as recreational center for the sustainability of Ghana‘s development.
Publication date31 Jul 2014
Number of pages64
ID: 201866269