• Rasmus Mørch Hjelmgart
  • Thore Stig Aunsborg
4. term, Nanotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis is concerned with the investigation of the properties of GaN thin films. The basic theory of
PL spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, and Hall measurements is accounted for. This is then applied to
GaN, which also includes the calculation of the wurtzite band structure. General theory behind
PAMBE growth of GaN is described, including different GaN growth schemes, and how these can be
used to optimize the growth.

Several GaN samples were grown by PAMBE, and were along with MOCVD samples characterized with
respect to surface, electrical, and optical properties. The capabilities of different characterization
methods are discussed with respect to GaN. Here it is argued that the interplay between several
methods is necessary to give an accurate and reliable sample description.
SpecialisationNanophysics and -materials
Publication date15 Jun 2016
Number of pages152
ID: 235321393