Changing the working environment by changing people

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Viorel Petrea
This thesis focuses on the challenges generated by the technology implementation in the concrete production division of an organisation and how to overcome the implementation barriers. The way that the head management, which represents the engine for change, had chosen to address the change, had a major impact on the result of the technology implementation.
The development of the thesis was conducted using an abductive approach and primary data were collected using four semi-structured interviews with people from different departments. Secondary data was collected only from the literature review and the author consider the case study as an approach for the research design.
This thesis contributes to Lewin’s Three Steps Change Model, to Fishbone Diagram and Leavitt's Diamond Model, models used for analysing the specific context of the area studied.
SpecialisationGlobal Management
Publication date3 Sept 2019
Number of pages78
External collaboratorUkendt
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