Changing the Face of Tourism

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Line Maria Fey
3. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis investigates in what ways Danish Tourism Marketing include and represent diverse ethnicities. Through an analysis of WonderfullCopenhagen’s Facebook posts and newest released marketing strategies, it is examined how diverse ethnicities are included and represented, what roles they are given, and further to what extent WoCo focuses on the social equity aspect of social sustainability. To gain a different perspective, a questionnaire-based survey is employed to explore how people, that identifies as a part of an ethnic minority and/or a person of color in Denmark, perceive the degree of inclusion and representation of diverse ethnicities in Danish tourism marketing. This thesis research employs a mixed methods approach as both qualitative and quantitative data was collected. The findings revealed that, WoCo are including and representing diverse ethnicities in very limited and narrow ways. Their representations are lacking diversity. Only a few post portrayed a high level of inclusion of ethnic diversity, while the majority of the post portrayed people with white skin and blond hair. People who looked different from the majority were mainly represented in minor roles, and only portrayed for less than a second as a small part of a larger narrative or in the background. No initiatives that directly benefits ethnic minorities in Denmark were included in WoCo’s strategies, and only one initiative in relation to social equity was mentioned in relation to hiring processes. . The questionnaire further revealed that the majority of the respondents did not feel included in Danish tourism marketing, neither did they perceive Danish tourism marketing as being inclusive in relation to race and ethnicity. Recommendations were also found and discussed in relation to how inclusive and diverse marketing could create opportunities and yield benefits for both marketers, in relation to gaining profit and attracting tourists, and from a socio-cultural aspect, in relation to making both tourists, and people from ethnic minorities in Denmark feel more welcome and accepted in the Denmark. These suggestions may also help Denmark gain competitive advantage, when tourism is to open again after corona lock-downs.
Publication date31 May 2021
Number of pages79
ID: 413346003