• Thomas Friis Gjesing
4. semester, Data-driven Organisational Development (efter-videreuddannelse) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This thesis presents a case study on the organizational effects of implementing a new Electronic Records and Document Management System (ERDMS) at SDU. Using Actor-Network Theory, the study examines the relationships between key actors in SDU's ERDM management during the transition to a new process-oriented ERDM platform. The research reveals the central unit's power and expertise through alliances with human and non-human actors. However, the ERDM secretariat lacks maturity in handling automation and faces challenges with quality control. Ethnographic field studies and digital mapping are employed to map relationships and identify the need to reconfigure the ERDM secretariat's structure and governance. The study fills a gap in existing literature by solely focusing on actor relationships. It aims to contribute to understanding the changes SDU faces with the new ERDM system and identifies future organizational measures. Three methods are used to map ERDM program usage, involving conversations, observations, and network analysis. Successful digital transformation requires flexible approaches, data-driven initiatives, and user-centered strategies.
Publication date25 May 2023
Number of pages47
ID: 530317326