• Matthew Cutajar
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
The aim of this research project is to
build upon previously established research
in order to create a more robust
CFD model of a marine application
propulsion system, with a dedicated
focus on establishing the optimal
fin topology, through the investigation
of various fin parameters and
their influence on the propeller performance.
The primary objective of this
research is to design a rudder bulb
fin geometry capable of augmenting
the thrust generated while reducing
energy losses, thus bettering the system
performance. This is achieved by
means of a two fin setup, both being
oriented to optimally deal with the rotational
inflow, reaching a system efficiency
improvement of 4.99% over a
system without any fins. Efforts to
improve the system efficiency further
through the use of multiple sets of fins,
results in negligible increases in efficiency
to the tune of 0.01%, which do
not yield worthwhile improvements
that are significant enough to warrant
the cost of an extra set of fins.
SpecialisationThermal Energy and Process Engineering
Publication dateMay 2021
Number of pages56
External collaboratorMAN Diesel and Turbo
Anders Ehlers anders.ehlers@man-es.com
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