• Daniel Rothwell Pedersen
  • Martin Kirk Hoffmann
4. term, Structural and Civil Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This report concerns drag forces acting on a new
design of a semi-submersible, combined wave
energy converter and wind turbine generator
by Floating Power Plant. The functionality of
the platform depends on its orientation towards
incoming waves, as the mooring turret enables
the platform P80 to rotate freely. It is therefore
of interest to determine the current forces effect
on the orientation of the P80.
The P80 has been the subject of CFD analysis
to investigate the current induced forces acting
on the structure. Full scale simulations have
been performed at Re≈50e6. A main outcome
of this report is drag coefficients in line with and
transverse to the current direction for different
current angles of attack, in order to determine
the yawing moment created by the current.
Experiments have been performed in the flume
at AAU on small scale models of a floating
power plant. Results from these experiments
have been used to validate the CFD model,
which is used for determining current induced
drag forces.
Other outcomes are current induced forces on
a model scale of a FPP and a single Leg of
this model. These forces are calculated with
CFD and are both supported by experimental
measurements. The experiments are performed
as part of the project by the authors of this report
and presented in detail in this report.
Publication date7 Jun 2019
Number of pages106
External collaboratorSarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas st@floatingpowerplant.com
ID: 305315436