Cartish - The future in airport security

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Birgitte Fromsejer Nøkleby
  • Christoffer Høg Jørgensen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
This is a Master Thesis regarding the development
of a product for the future airport security checkpoints.
Most people know that the most stressing part
about the airport is the security check. Passengers
stress about separating their items, and to
get through without trouble. The airport want the
passengers through as fast as possible but also
need to uphold the level of security. With more
passengers traveling even more passengers are
going through the airport, and with an increasing
amount of security steps it is not getting easier to
go through. There is a need for a radical change
in the way we think about airport security checkpoints,
so it can follow the increasing passenger
This Master Thesis project focuses on reducing the
stress through security by focusing on families. The
product Cartish is a cart which takes the families
out of the regular security lane. Cartish provides
the family with the time and space they needs to
go through security. Cartish focuses on making
the security check an experience the family can
do together. The airport benefits of the tracking of
the passengers, by receiving valuable information
about how the airport is used.
Publication date2018
Number of pages116
ID: 280174030