Cannabis legal context The food perspective

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Mathies Kólja Suszkiewicz
The aim of this thesis is to investigate what cannabis food products (edibles) we can expect in a legal context in Denmark. Furthermore, to study the cannabis users as consumers. The methods used for empirical data were semi structured interviews with cannabis users in Denmark. Furthermore, a case study where conducted in California in order to observe and analyze a legal cannabis market from the inside. Both observations and interviews were conducted at ten different dispensaries. The most prominent themes from the case study were the business aspect, the community aspect, the variety of edibles and the change from patient caregiving to consumerism. The latter being the greatest impact from the legalization of recreationally cannabis use from 2018

The semi structured interviews were analyzed with Grounded theory in order to understand the need of cannabis users concerning edibles. The analysis provided an insight into the function of cannabis, both recreationally and medically. The 360-perspective design model were used to analyze edible products in a Danish context, which concluded that beverages with cannabis would be better accepted than sweets with cannabis. Partly due to the alcohol culture in Denmark and the concern for children

The four realms on an experience model from the experience theory provided insight into relevant experiences for cannabis users, that could be both active and passive participation. The theoretical framework of the thesis was based on path dependence and path creation which were able to analyze the context of cannabis on multiple levels. The path dependence and path creation theory revealed the many interacting processes which lead to prohibition of cannabis worldwide and also provided an understanding of how locked paths in our societies can be changed by entrepreneurs cooperating.

Furthermore, was it revealed that countries and states that legalize cannabis, has a greater variety of scientific cannabis studies. The thesis concludes that path dependence is a natural process, which occurs everywhere and has to be taken seriously and investigated as it has a great impact on our life’s and society. Nevertheless, is it possible to create new paths and doing research in less obvious fields, can possibly provide a new framework for change.

Publication date1 Jun 2018
Number of pages95
ID: 280260645