Town walk or burial ceremony?

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Astrid Skiby Andersen
  • Mads Bjerring Berger
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
Title: Town walk or burial ceremony? A case study examining Budolfi cathedral’s communication as preaching and culture institution.

Objective: To investigate how Budolfi cathedral is balancing between being a preaching institution as well as a culture institution. In recent years culture institution have been forced to implement changes to accommodate to the needs of the modern consumer. In the first part of the study we are investigat-ing what characterizes Budolfi cathedral as an organisation from a communicational perspective. In that part we are investigating the organizations’ core identity and extended identity as well as defining the organisations’ culture, vision and image. In the second part of the study we are investigating a specific cultural initiative to compare how the findings in the first part, are reflected in this specific activity. In that part we are investigating the town walk Historiske Hotspots, because it is an activity that at first distances from the organisation and its core identity and organisational culture. The objec-tive in that part of the study is to comprehend how Budolfi cathedral is balancing between preach and culture.

Method: This study is built upon qualitative methods. Data is gathered from interviews with different types of key persons from both Budolfi cathedral and other relevant institutions. An interview with the parish priest is investigated through a qualitative content analysis. The analysis is built upon a mix of two different types of qualitative content analysis methods: the conventional and the direct. The questions in the interview are based upon relevant theory but the coding categories are not defined ahead of the analysis but during the analysis of the data.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Budolfi cathedral sees themselves as a cultural institution that operates on the market alongside other cultural institution but with its own cultural expression in form of the Christianity. In other churches the preaching part must not be absent, but that is not the case in Budolfi cathedral where it may be hidden behind the cultural part. That is the case in the town walk Historiske Hotspots, which represents an activity that could have been released from the church. Even so, that does not necessarily mean that the organisation is distancing from its core identity as it can just as easily represent a development inside the organisational identity: that the folk church of Denmark is just as much a cultural institution as it is a preaching institution in today’s society.
Publication date1 Jun 2021
Number of pages107
ID: 413372849