Maintenance Management in a modern technological perspective

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Nis Boile Christensen
4. term, Building Informatics (, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis examines how Maintenance Management can become more efficient by using a combination of modern technology and ICT-systems. Furthermore is investigated which factors are important regarding the implementation of such technology, by looking into the system development and implementation theory
Throughout the thesis, it becomes evident that the processes regarding maintenance, is a Facility Management (FM) discipline with a great potential for efficiency improvements. The thesis introduction and theory is structured in such a way, that initially a thoroughly description of the methods is presented, and afterwards an in-depth theoretical description of ICT in Facility Management is presented with focus on ICT in the FM-workspace and ICT based FM-tools. In addition, a theoretical clarification of system development and implementation theory is presented, with focus on understanding user needs, expectations and the implementation of ICT systems in organizations.
In order to provide suggestions on how work processes concerning maintenance can become more efficient with technology, is analyzed different cases working with Maintenance Management. Visions of possible efficiency improvements are constructed subsequent to this, where these are evaluated in the context of the technological artifacts and systems included. This in order to provide a valid basis for evaluation the efficiency improvements proposal.
Based on this, is prepared an efficiency proposal which describes how the new work processes are to be performed, supported by the selected technology. Technology included is among other, Augmented Reality.
Finally, it is concluded that the new work processes and the proposed technology cab help to make the work regarding maintenance more efficient.
Publication date9 Jan 2014
Number of pages115
ID: 174152173