Setting out new buildings: The right way

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jan Holse Mortensen
  • Jeppe Eskild Damgaard Nielsen
  • Jesper Falk Rasmussen
This report is based on the fact, that many surveyors commit mistakes during setting out new buildings. The main reason for this report is therefore to clarify where in the process, that these mistakes occur, and furthermore to clarify how these mistakes are minimized. To determine this surveyor practices on this specific area are therefore investigated through interviews of surveyorcompanies. Afterwards an analysis of the committed mistakes and an analysis of the professional responsibility of a surveyor were accomplished. The analysis of the committed mistakes showed that many different types of mistakes occur, for instance communication errors, blunders and errors caused by misinterpretation. This analysis, combined with the analysis of the surveyor’s responsibility, made it possible to create a process that minimizes the risk of committing mistakes during setting out new buildings. This process will, in spite of its strength and weaknesses, minimize the risk of committing mistakes. An additionally purpose of this project is to examine how the surrounding world’s demands and expatiations can influence the process of setting out new buildings. An analysis of the demands for new buildings, included by the rules of The Digital Building initiative, showed that there are no changes in the surveyor’s workflow during these situations. It was furthermore examined, which eventual services could be added to the process of setting out new buildings. Because of that reason it was examined if a complete determination of the property’s boundaries, a geographic placement of the property’s restrictive covenants or the opportunity of helping with the maintenance of the new Building and Housing Register (BBR), could be included with the surveyor’s work during setting out new buildings.
Publication date2009
Number of pages171
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 17741487