• Michael Frederiksen
  • Trine Thomsen
The eGovernment Strategy 2011 – 2015 determines that all real properties shall be registered in a single register; The Cadastral Register. It has not yet been determined how the future registration, concerning buildings on leased land, shall be defined. This project identifies the problems related to buildings on leased land, and afterwards solutions for the future registration are created. This is done in order to achieve an appropriate validation of the property, which has until now been non-existent.
Buildings on leased land are a type of property which lack unambiguous settings for regula-tion and across authorities the understanding is unclear. This is due to the fact that buildings on leased land are subject to a number of problems. One of the problems is set out in a discrepancy between the law of land registration § 19, the central stipulation for buildings on leased land, and the law of parcelling out § 16, concerning requirements for subdivision of the use rights. The stipulations are interdependent, but not compatible.
Another problem is the lack of stipulations for identification of the property, which up to now has been conditioned by the registration. The Cadastral Register has been used as basis for the identification, but what concerns buildings on leased land, this type of property has typically been situated either on areas not registered in the cadastre or only registered on a part of a cadastral number. This could result in an existence of several buildings on one parcel, why they could be mixed. Overall buildings on leased land have lacked a set of rules which has resulted in a sporadic and ambiguous registration of property.
Publication date13 Jun 2013
Number of pages135
ID: 77477369