• Kim Rud Bille
  • Asbjørn Strøm Jensen
  • Martin Maach
This project, Bwhere, extends our last project "Awhere - Handling of Data Streams in a Mobile Context" with area subscription. The project creates an interesting interplay between three worlds of technologies, namely mobile environment, streams, and GISs. The project addresses the issues by providing a theoretical and practical solution. The theoretical solution examines the worlds, and provides a set of composite spatiotemporal query operators for the streaming and mobile environment. Subsequently, the result is applied to a experimental solution, with the convergent technologies from the three worlds, i.e., Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), TelegraphCQ, and PostgreSQL. A practical implementation of the composite spatiotemporal query operators, enter and leave, binds the worlds of technologies together. Both theory and experiments revealed that such a combination of mobility, streaming, and GIS, was a viable solution, although some of the Technologies involved needs some maturity.
Publication date2005
ID: 61064984