Building a Temproal Cartridge for Oracle8i

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Bo Gundersen
  • Kim Thrysøe
4. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
A large number of applications manage time varying data most of them in an ad-ho c manner, with all temporal logic stored in the application layer. This is becau se none of the major ORDBMS vendors actively support management of temporal data as proposed by researchers. This project aims to migrate parts of the large amount of research done on tempo ral databases into existing ORDBMS technology. The principal goals of the projec t is to examine two matters: One, if the task of managing temporal data in curre nt ORDBMSs can be eased by extending it with custom ADTs and procedures. Two, to examine if such an extension can support efficient execution of known temporal queries. A practical approach is taken to these matters, and as a part of the answer an Oracle cartridge is designed and implemented. The report is structured in three parts. The first concerns the reduction of cod e complexity. The second describe implementation specifics. Finally, the third p art contains performance measurements and evaluations. The result shows that although it is possible to obtain a substantial reduction in code complexity, the maturity of database extensibility features prevent efficient execution of temporal queries, thus limiting the usef ulness of a temporal cartridge.
Publication dateJul 2000
ID: 61079134